Musienko named the hottest spots in the JFO zone in the coming days


Musienko named the hottest spots in the JFO zone for the coming days

The hottest spots in the JFO zone/Getty Images

In the coming days, specialists expect intensification of hostilities in the zone of the Joint Forces Operation. However, our Armed Forces of Ukraine, as always, will repel the attacks of Russian invaders.

Head of the Center for Military Legal Research Oleksandr Musiyenko, on the air of Channel 24, named the hot spots in the JFO zone for the coming days.< /p>

Hot Spots

According to him, active fighting in the coming days will continue in the direction of Luhansk region – Severodonetsk and Rubizhne .

The second direction is Izum . There they will hold back Russian troops and prevent them from advancing towards Slavyansk and to the south.

It will also be hot in the Gulyaipole region in Zaporozhye.

The defenders hold on there and do not allow the enemy to pass,” Musienko noted.

In addition, as he added, the entire Donetsk direction line will be activated, including near Marinki.

About Russia's plans

“Russia will stretch its forces and try and stretch ours. I don't think they will succeed, because the Russians make serious mistakes and do not correct them. The Armed Forces of Ukraine take this into account,” the expert is convinced.

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