Musk spoke about the strikes on the occupiers in the Crimea: “I'm super pro-Ukrainian, but”

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Musk spoke about strikes against the occupiers in Crimea: "I'm super pro-Ukrainian, but"

The businessman announced a “ruthless escalation”.

American inventor and billionaire Elon Musk warned the United States against helping Ukraine strike the occupiers in Crimea , declaring the danger.

He wrote about this on Twitter.

I'm super pro-Ukrainian, but the ruthless escalation is very risky for Ukraine and the world,” – Musk said in a short statement.

So he reacted to an article by The New York Times, in which the publication informed that the administration of US President Joe Biden was determined to help Ukraine attack the targets of Russian invaders in Crimea, despite the risk of an escalation of the conflict. Fears in the administration have faded that the Kremlin will respond with the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

Recall that Musk has repeatedly been marked by scandalous statements about the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. For example, he offered his own version of peace between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, which would actually mean the surrender of Kyiv.

The billionaire also proposed holding a “re-vote” in the occupied territories of Crimea and Donbass as to whether “they are part of Russia or Ukraine”.

In addition, Musk's SpaceX company waived its obligation to pay for Starlink's work in Ukraine. A scandal arose, which dried up with the fact that the businessman assured that Starlink terminals in Ukraine would not be turned off.

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