Mysterious plane from Lithuania flew 6 NATO countries without permission: the police got down to business


Mysterious plane from Lithuania flew over 6 NATO countries without permission: the police got down to business

Unknown plane crossed 6 European borders/Beechcraft

An unidentified aircraft that flew over several countries of the European Union without permission has caught the attention of the police. An investigation is planned in Lithuania, where the plane took off from.

The Beechcraft aircraft, which violated the airspace of several EU and NATO countries on June 8, interested not only the air force, but also the police.

According to the representative of the police department, Ramunas Matonis, the pre-trial investigation has not yet begun, now “it is being clarified circumstances”.

Earlier it was reported that the plane crossed 4 borders with different countries, however, according to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria Boyko Rashkov, the air transport flew over 6 countries – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.< p>According to Rashkov, there were 2 people on the plane. The team does not have an approved flight plan, and the aircraft's transponders have been turned off. The pilot did not respond to radio requests and visual signals from the military and radio operators.

Air navigation reported that in the last 90 days it had not received flight plans, the aircraft crew did not come into contact with the operators.

Director The Transport Competence Agencies of the Civil Aviation Department Alvydas Šumskas said that he could not comment on the situation in detail because there was little information.

To the question of who flew, how they flew, I cannot answer today,” he added.

According to Lithuanian media, Beechcraft was sold last week by the director of the Nida air park, pilot Brons Zaronskis. At the same time, the man claims that he does not know who the buyer was. Zaronskis said that the aircraft was acquired by a certain organization – they agreed to buy the aircraft in Russian.

Details about the mysterious aircraft

  • The aircraft was successively intercepted by the Romanian and Hungarian air forces. Also, the Beechcraf flight was controlled by American F-16 aircraft from the Romanian military air base of NATO. The transport was flying at low altitude – probably to avoid radar detection.
  • In the air, the unauthorized flight was controlled by representatives of the Romanian and Hungarian Air Forces, as well as American NATO aircraft.
  • About 19 :00 the plane crossed Serbian airspace for two minutes and then flew into Bulgaria.

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