Mysterious plane of unknown model spotted in the USA

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Mysterious plane of unknown model spotted in the USA

A video appeared on the network showing an aircraft of an unknown model. The video published on TikTok was noticed by open data specialist Ruben Hofs, writes The Aviationist.

The footage shows how a mysterious dark ship is transported on a trailer.

The expert calculated that the video was filmed in the area of the radio site for testing the structures of stealth aircraft in the city of Helendale in the US state of California. Nearby, in Palmdale, is also located Skunk Works, one of Lockheed Martin's secret development divisions.

Hofs noted that he discovered the recording by accident and initially thought it showed props for filming. “I checked what I saw with Google Earth (…) and realized that this is not just a beautiful props, but probably a draft of a conceptual structure that is being tested there,” he said.

It is noted that it is not possible to accurately determine the object shown in the video. However, there are versions that we are talking about the Next-Generation Air Dominance model – a joint project of the US Air Force and US aircraft manufacturers to create a sixth generation fighter.

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