Named animals that can laugh

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Named animals that can laugh

Scientists have found that more animal species have a semblance of laughing than we previously thought. There are at least 65 such species.

Naked Science talks about the work of scientists. Previously, laughter as a type of social interaction was described in primates, rats and some other animal species. Researchers from the University of California decided to analyze studies on animal behavior to see if there is something similar to laughter in other species.

Scientists have explained that people laugh is a demonstration that we are having fun and inviting other people to join us. The authors of the work suggested that many animals have this type of vocalization. They found behavior similar to human laughter in 65 species. These were not only primates, but also dogs, domestic cows, foxes, seals, mongooses, three species of birds, including parrots, and Australian magpies.

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