NASA forms a team to investigate the incident with the module “Science”

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NASA continues to assess the possible impact on the ISS of the incident with the Russian module “Science”. The department creates a group of specialists to clarify the circumstances of the unintentional activation of the module's motors.

“In accordance with NASA policy, an investigation team is being formed to assess the activities. The composition of the team and the scope of the investigation will be determined, ”NASA said in a statement. This group will analyze the available data, cooperate with the Russian side “on any information they need for an assessment.” Also experts will be coordinated with other international partners.

Module “Science” docked to the ISS on July 29. After docking, the engines spontaneously turned on, which caused the ISS to “spin” by 540 degrees. The reason for the abnormal situation was called a program failure, the crew was not injured.

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