NASA restarts the Hubble telescope

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NASA restarts the Hubble telescope

Hubble Space Telescope

Moscow. July 16. INTERFAX.RU – NASA specialists were able to successfully connect the backup hardware to the Hubble telescope, the aerospace agency reported. The telescope has been closed since June 13.

NASA has connected a redundant power supply and control unit, as well as science formatters, to the other side of the Scientific Instrumentation, Control, and Data Processing (SI C&DH) module. Some more equipment on board Hubble was reconnected to the backup module via alternative interfaces. As a result of the work, the backup system was brought into normal mode.

“The Hubble team is now monitoring the equipment to make sure everything is working correctly. The team will then calibrate the instruments before resuming normal scientific work,” the agency said.

After a failure in the system on June 13, the telescope did not work, all of its instruments were put into safe mode.

Over the course of a month, experts ran multi-day tests that included attempts to reboot and reconfigure the system and backup hardware, but were unsuccessful. However, it has been identified that a possible cause of the problem is related to the power control unit.

Hubble was launched in 1990. For 31 years of its operation, the telescope has conducted more than 1.5 million studies of the Universe, on the basis of which more than 18 thousand scientific papers have been prepared.

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