NASA Scientists Explain The Frequent Floods By The Oscillating Orbit Of The Moon

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According to NASA scientists, rising sea levels, climate change and wobble in the lunar orbit will lead to new records for flooding on Earth in the next ten years.

Reported by CBS News.

In a joint study by NASA and the University of Hawaii, the moon's orbital wobble has an impact on the ebb and flow of the earth. Scientists note that climate change, which is due to human actions, is a consequence of rising sea levels, which means that higher tides are expected on Earth when the Moon enters its strengthening phase in 2030.

After analyzing data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the researchers concluded that floods on the US coast in the 2030s will be much more severe than they are now.

“The combination of the moon's gravitational pull, sea level rise and climate change will further exacerbate flooding on our coasts and around the world,” said NASA spokesman Bill Nelson.

Earlier it became known that due to heavy rains in the Federal Republic of Germany, tributaries of the Rhine and a number of other reservoirs overflowed the banks. Floods in western Germany killed 133 people.

Before that, heavy rainfall provoked floods and mudflows in Crimea. On the territory of the peninsula, 1,500 landslides were recorded, 600 of which were in the Yalta region.

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