NASA will allocate $ 146 million for the development of the lunar module. Bezos will get more than Musk

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NASA will allocate $ 146 million for the development of the lunar module. Bezos will get more than Musk

The American space agency NASA will allocate $ 146 million to five local companies to develop systems for the lunar lander. Moreover, Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin company will get more from this amount than Elon Musk's SpaceX. With the latter, NASA has previously suspended a multi-billion dollar contract to send astronauts to the moon. All because of the Blue Origin lawsuit, which disputes the results of the tender.

Blue Origin will receive $ 25.6 million from NASA, and SpaceX – $ 9.4 million.The money will also be given to Dynetics ($ 40.8 million), Lockheed Martin ($ 35.2 million) and Northrop Grumman ($ 34.8 million). Within a year and a half, the project participants must finalize the concept of the lunar lander, evaluate the safety and effectiveness of various design options, as well as test critical components and improve key technologies.

In April 2021, SpaceX won a NASA contract to send astronauts to the moon. For the construction of a special spacecraft, which is to deliver two astronauts to the lunar surface in 2024, Elon Musk's company received $ 2.9 billion.

Blue Origin and Dynetics also participated in the tender. It was expected that the order for the construction of a spacecraft for landing on the moon would be received by two applicants at once, but in the end NASA chose only SpaceX, since it requested less than the rest of the participants for the project. Blue Origin and Dynetics tried to challenge the results of the competition and appealed to the US Audit Office, but in June the regulator rejected the companies' protest.

In August, Blue Origin filed a lawsuit against NASA. The company called the lawsuit an attempt to correct the mistakes of the space agency. The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, said that by choosing only SpaceX to implement the project, NASA “put an end to competition for many years.” Bezos also offered to solve the financial issues of NASA in exchange for a contract for the construction of a lunar lander. According to the businessman, Blue Origin is ready to work for NASA, having refused payments up to $ 2 billion.

On August 20, NASA suspended the contract with SpaceX due to Bezos's lawsuit. The suspension was also in the summer, when the businessman's company complained to the Accounts Chamber.

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