NASAMS to protect the Ukrainian sky: the general told which cities can be covered


NASAMS to protect the Ukrainian sky: the general told which cities can be covered

The general told how NASAMS will help Ukraine/Focus

Ukraine should receive modern NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems. Under the condition of large deliveries of Norwegian air defense systems, the Ukrainian sky can be covered until the end of 2023.


This was told by the former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko. Earlier, the Air Force noted that Ukraine will receive two NASAMS batteries.

The first NASAMS air defense systems can cover the sky over Kyiv

The first air defense systems to be received Ukraine, first of all, can cover the sky over Kyiv.

We need to cover the capital, the decision-making center, and use another one somewhere, Romanenko explained.

The general explained that the range of NASAMS with improved missiles reaches 20 kilometers in height and 40 kilometers in range. At the same time, during the hostilities, the air defense systems have not yet been tested. However, they will be able to work on ballistic and cruise missiles. NASAMS and Russian Iskanders should shoot down.

Countries are in line for NASAMS, – Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Earlier, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that these air defense systems are modern and are in service in very few countries in the world. NASAMS has to “stand in line”. Together with the air defense system, transfer launchers, charging vehicles, target identification and maintenance of the complexes to Ukraine. However, no details are given until the transmission itself.

NASASMS advantage: Defense Express information

  • Experts say that two NASAMS batteries can close most of the airspace over Kyiv and its environs .
  • The SAM radar can process up to approximately 60 targets simultaneously, as well as issue instructions for 15 targets.
  • The second generation NASAMS SAM battery consists of 12 launchers, each of which carries six missiles.

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