NATO can deploy up to 300,000 troops on the border with Russia and Belarus – Politico


NATO can deploy up to 300,000 troops on the border with Russia and Belarus - Politico

NATO plans to strengthen the Eastern part on the border with Russia. There, the Alliance can deploy hundreds of thousands of troops.

They, if necessary, will be able to rush to the aid of the allies as soon as possible. But first, the move is meant to prevent Russia from expanding its war beyond Ukraine.

300 thousand military

Officials have proposed that up to 300,000 troops guard NATO's eastern borders.

Heinrich Brauss, ex-assistant to the NATO secretary general for defense policy and force planning, said there are several levels of “readiness”.

  • The first level could be 100,000 troops ready to roll over in 10 days. The soldier for this level can be formed from Poland, Norway and the Baltic states.
  • The second echelon of troops, in this case, would be sent in support of the first level. It would unfold more slowly: 10 to 30 days. According to Heinrich Brauss, the second level could be recruited from countries such as Germany.

What are the difficulties

However, for this deployment to take place, NATO must convince allies to provide soldiers and expensive equipment, which is not easy given their concerns about a shortage of weapons.

Military leaders will provide updated regional defense plans this spring to help the Alliance protect its citizens.

Note! Back in 2014, NATO leaders pledged to spend 2% of the state budget on defense for ten years.

Up-to-date on the likelihood of escalation

  • According to US intelligence, Russia is avoiding actions that could lead to a military conflict with the US and NATO, but the possibility of this scenario remains.
  • The US intelligence report says that the clash between Russia and the West will lead to a level of military confrontation that the world “has not experienced in decades.”

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