NATO combat Group exercises have begun in Estonia

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The annual NATO Winter Camp maneuvers with the participation of Great Britain and France have begun in Estonia

Учения боевой группы НАТО начались в Эстонии

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The annual Winter Camp military exercises have begun in Estonia, in which NATO troops stationed in the country participate. This is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces.

The maneuvers of the alliance combat group will take place from January 29 to February 6 at the Central Training Ground near the city of Tapa. About 1,400 Estonian, French and British servicemen will take part in them.

The first stage of the exercises will be devoted to live firing, working out the actions of anti-tank calculations, solving engineering problems and patrolling the area. Next, the allied troops will confront a conditional enemy, in the role of which the Scout Battalion and parts of the kaitseliyt (people’s militia) will act. It is planned to work out offensive and defensive actions.

This year, Winter Camp will pay special attention to the daily coordination of actions between the ground and air forces. In particular, the soldiers of the Yorkshire and Parachute Regiments of the British Armed Forces will take part in the exercises.

Earlier it was reported that US President Joe Biden announced the transfer of US troops to Europe and NATO countries in the near future. The American leader added that there would be “not very many” of these troops.

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