NATO fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft off Estonian coast


NATO fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft off Estonian coast

Near the airspace of Estonia, British and German Typhoon fighters intercepted Russian aircraft. This happened as part of a joint NATO air patrol mission.

Interestingly, NATO fighters intercepted off the coast of Estonia for the second time this week.

As part of the ongoing air policing in the region, on March 17, a pair of NATO aircraft flew to intercept a Russian Tupolev Tu-134 military passenger aircraft, known by the NATO name “Krusty”. He was accompanied by two Su-27 Flanker fighters and an An-12 Kub military transport aircraft.

Russian planes were intercepted in the immediate vicinity of Estonian airspace.

NATO and British air forces conduct patrols

The RAF clarified that their military aviation, together with the German Air Force, is conducting a joint NATO air police and intercepting a “routine NATO mission for Typhoons” . This is confirmation that the UK and Germany, along with other NATO allies, are supporting their Estonian ally in this tense time”.

March 15 German and British fighters intercepted a Russian Il-78 aircraft. It was spotted near Estonian airspace. On February 14, three Russian warplanes were seen in Polish airspace. They were discovered by the Dutch F-35 fighters.

Enemy aircraft were noticed when they were approaching the Polish zone of NATO responsibility from Kaliningrad. These were Il-20M Kut-A aircraft escorting two flank Su-27s. And even earlier, the United States intercepted 4-4 Russian aircraft from Alaska. The aircraft remained in international airspace and did not enter US or Canadian airspace.

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