NATO refused to return to 1997 borders

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US Permanent Representative to NATO Smith said the alliance will not return to the 1997 configuration

NATO refused to return to 1997 borders

Photo: Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

NATO refused to return to the 1997 configuration, which preceded the expansion of the alliance's borders to the east at the expense of the former socialist countries and post-Soviet republics. This was stated by the US permanent representative to NATO Julianne Smith, RIA Novosti reports.

“The alliance will not go back in time to a completely different era, when we had a completely different alliance with a more modest scope,” the permanent representative said, answering a question about her attitude to Russia's demands “to go to the borders of 1997”.

Smith added that no member of the alliance is prepared to abandon the open door policy.

Earlier, Smith named the condition for discussing Ukraine with the Russian Federation. According to her, Washington intends to discuss the problems of Ukraine only with her participation. She also noted that no one in the alliance is particularly optimistic or pessimistic about the upcoming negotiations with Russia.

On January 10, negotiations on security and strategic stability guarantees between the delegations of Russia and the United States ended in Geneva. As the official representative of the State Department clarified, in total, the discussion between the officials of the two countries lasted about 7.5 hours.

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