NATO regretted sanctions against Turkey due to the purchase of Russian S-400

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NATO regretted sanctions against Turkey due to the purchase of Russian S-400

Jens Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg regretted the sanctions imposed by the United States against Turkey for the purchase of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM). He is quoted by RIA Novosti.

In his opinion, NATO countries should not impose sanctions on each other. At the same time, Stoltenberg was dissatisfied with Turkey's choice. “This is a national decision, but these systems cannot be integrated into NATO systems. I expressed regret in this connection, ”the head of the alliance explained.

On December 14, Washington imposed sanctions against Ankara over the Russian S-400. Restrictive measures will affect the heads of the secretariat of the Turkish defense industry Ismail Demir, other employees of the department, as well as three more individuals associated with the deal between Ankara and Moscow.

Earlier in December, Turkey paid off with Russia for the supply of S-400 air defense systems. The head of the state corporation “Rostec” Sergei Chemezov said that Ankara will have to decide on the supply of the second batch of S-400.

Deliveries of the S-400, which caused a crisis in relations between Turkey and the United States, began in mid-July 2019. Washington demanded to abandon the deal and purchase American Patriot complexes in return, threatening to delay or even cancel the sale of the latest F-35 fighters to Turkey.

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