NATO told Zelensky that Russia must be defeated by military means – Belgian PM


NATO told Zelensky that Russia must be defeated militarily, – Prime Minister of Belgium

Belgian Prime Minister on NATO's position on Russia's war in Ukraine/Channel 24 Collage

NATO summit starts in Madrid. According to Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo, the Alliance believes that Ukraine should defeat Russia by military means.

The head of the Belgian government announced this before the start of the forum on June 29. He noted that this summit is already a success, because the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO will make Europe safer.

This war must be won on the battlefield

De Croo stressed that NATO is in constant contact with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

We expressed our clear view that this war can only be won on the battlefield . NATO must support the Ukrainian people for as long as it takes to stop Russian aggression,” de Croo explained.

The Prime Minister of Belgium acknowledged that the strategy of the North Atlantic Alliance should be updated.

Belgium was one of the first countries to support Ukraine

De Croo noted that Belgium has been supporting Ukraine from the very beginning and was one of the first countries to send military aid.

Supporting the Ukrainian army is the way to stop Russia. And we will stay with Ukraine on this path,” de Croo added.

Key statements from the NATO summit in Madrid

  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted that Russia is getting an even greater presence troops at their borders.
  • Joining Finland and Sweden, says Stoltenberg, will show Putin that despite all his actions, the doors of the Alliance remain open.
  • NATO is expected to update its strategy , in which Russia will be marked as the greatest threat.
  • Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vadim Denisenko hopes that a decision on new weapons for Ukraine will be made at the NATO summit.

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