“NATO Troops in Ukraine”: Why Russian Propaganda Uses This Narrative


Russian propagandists are actively spreading the narrative that NATO troops will soon be in Ukraine. These narratives have a specific purpose.

First of all, in this way the Kremlin seeks to encourage its population to participate in the war in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by the specialist of the Communications Department of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Taras Dziuba to Channel 24 .

What is behind the Kremlin's narrative

Russian propagandists are throwing out narratives about alleged NATO troops in Ukraine as part of a new mobilization campaign. So, today the leadership of Russia needs a pause in order to understand how to proceed.

They are trying to show the whole world that they are capable, together with conscripts, of mobilizing an additional 400-500 thousand more. Thus, to create such an advantage in manpower that no one can stand against. Therefore, they do everything to motivate their own population,” the communications specialist explained.

Russian propagandists have long been telling the inhabitants of the aggressor country that they are allegedly at war with the North Atlantic Alliance. That is, after they “defeated” Ukraine in three days, they began a “war with NATO.”

Dzyuba explained what the Russian narrative about “NATO troops in Ukraine” means: watch the video

How else does Russia seek to justify mobilization to the population

Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov has recently been very concerned about the fact that Ukraine is preparing for a counteroffensive and the ranks of our army are constantly replenished. In Russia, according to him, there was only the so-called “partial” mobilization. Therefore, he daily recalls Russian conscripts.

According to Dzyuba, Solovyov voices what the Kremlin orders him to do. By appropriate statements, the Russian authorities seek to motivate or explain the need for the next wave of mobilization, which may be larger in volume than the previous one.

Here everything comes from the Kremlin, because this is the last chance with the current leadership to somehow complete this “special operation,” the communications specialist noted.

The fact is that now the occupying army is headed by the author of the plan for the invasion of Ukraine, Valery Gerasimov. So if he can’t cope with the completion of “his” now, then it’s pointless further. In addition, the upcoming counter-offensive of Ukraine will be a direct blow to the Russian authorities and a threat to its continued existence.

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