Nazar spoke Ukrainian with them on principle, – father of the captured Azovstal defender


Nazar basically spoke Ukrainian with them, – the father of the captured defender of Azovstal

Azovstal defender's father about his son/Channel 24 collage

call relatives from captivity. They are fed twice a day, but sometimes cunningly awakened at night.

The father of the captured Azovstal defender Vladimir Kurtyanik told Channel 24 about this. His son got on the video of a Russian propagandist. Nazar spoke Ukrainian with him on principle.

The phones of the defenders were broken during the exit

According to him, there are practically no connections. the occupiers smashed phones while leaving Azovstal. But sometimes someone manages to get through to their relatives.

Vladimir Kurtyanik learned that his son was being held captive in Olenivka from several sources. One of the defenders phoned her relatives and said that Nazar was alive. His father also saw him on a video of a Russian propagandist.

There is an excerpt from a conversation with a propagandist. I recognize my son's voice very well. 100% guarantee that he is in Yelenovka, – Vladimir Kurtyanik noted.

There is practically no information about what conditions the defenders of Mariupol have. The father knows that they are fed twice a day. But sometimes the invaders do not let you sleep on purpose – they suddenly wake you up at night.

How the Ukrainian military defended Mariupol

  • The garrison of Mariupol heroically defended the city in complete encirclement for 3 months. During this time, they destroyed about 6,000 occupiers and pulled off significant forces that could have gone to other directions.
  • At the end of the defense, all Ukrainian military personnel were on the territory of the Azovstal plant, which was shelled daily by the Russians. The operation to rescue the defenders began on 16 May. Then 53 seriously wounded soldiers were evacuated to the temporarily occupied Novoazovsk.
  • According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, more than 2.5 thousand defenders who defended the city are now in captivity. Ukraine managed to name the defenders of Mariupol, so the representatives of the UN and the Red Cross took into account everyone who left Azovstal. This can save them from torture by the invaders.
  • On June 29, 144 defenders of Azovstal were returned home: 44 were in the regiment under the command of Denis Prokopenko, another 95 from other military units.

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