Netanyahu demanded to completely close Israel's skies due to coronavirus

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Netanyahu demanded to completely close Israel's skies due to coronavirus

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at a meeting of the government commission on coronavirus and demanded to completely close the country's skies for passenger flights due to the spread of the mutated infection. He is quoted by TASS.

“I convened a meeting of the coronavirus commission with one goal, and that is to completely close the sky. The viral mass entering Israel should be reduced as much as possible, even if in the UK they are still checking what kind of infection it is, ”the politician said.

To protect the population, Netanyahu considered it important to repeat the measures taken during the first wave of coronavirus. So far, the Israeli authorities have banned entry from the UK to anyone except their own citizens.

Restrictions on entry from the United Kingdom have been introduced by the authorities of most European countries: for example, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany and France. Portugal only allowed its citizens to enter the UK. Sweden plans to officially add to the list of countries that have banned entry from the UK on December 21. Spain plans to suspend flights if similar measures are not taken at the level of the entire European Union.

The mutated virus has also been found in patients in the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia and Italy. According to experts, while it is impossible to talk about its greater danger and reduced susceptibility to vaccines.

On December 14, UK Health Minister Matthew Hancock announced that a new strain of SARS-CoV-2 has been identified in the country, which is spreading faster than the original form. The virus spreads more easily from person to person and is therefore more contagious, he said.

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