New cumulative fragmentation grenade for grenade launchers created by Novosibirsk physicists

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KUBINKA / Moscow region /, August 24. / TASS /. The newest VKO-25 cumulative fragmentation grenade for grenade launchers, created by Novosibirsk scientists from the Institute of Applied Physics, can radically change the tactics of close combat; This grenade, first presented at the Army-2021 International Military-Technical Forum, actually leaves no chance for enemy soldiers to survive. As the TASS correspondent was explained at the institute's stand, the grenade is intended for firing from army grenade launchers and special-purpose grenade launchers of 40 mm caliber.

“The presence of the VKO-25 round in the ammunition sets of the grenade launchers expands the tactical capabilities of the grenade launcher systems, since it provides effective defeat of manpower behind various types of shelters (brick, concrete, wooden, panel walls) and in the cabs of lightly armored vehicles,” said a representative of the institute.

“With the new grenade, we can fire at a distance of up to 400 m, disabling all types of lightly armored and vulnerable equipment, objects protected by armor plates, airplanes and helicopters in open areas, radio equipment complexes, etc.,” he added.

According to him, with a shot mass of 280 grams, a grenade during dynamic tests pierced through homogeneous armor 120 mm thick or a concrete block 400 mm thick. During static tests, armor with a thickness of 160-170 mm was pierced.

At the stand of the Institute of Applied Physics JSC in the Patriot park near Moscow, Novosibirsk scientists presented various samples of homogeneous armor with through holes from a new cumulative fragmentation grenade.

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