New details in Epstein case will help uncover celebrity pedophile network

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New details in Epstein case will help uncover celebrity pedophile network

New details in the case of pedophile millionaire Jeffrey Epstein will help uncover a network of celebrity pedophiles. The portal Anonymous News reports.

Virgin Islands Attorney General Denis George has filed a request to provide the prosecution with all information about flights to the millionaire's mansion, including flights of the plane known as the Lolita Express. In addition, she demanded to provide her with access to all complaints, reports and personal notes of the pilots who drove Epstein.

The prosecution also demands that everyone who has flown to the millionaire on the island since 1998 be accountable, which could contribute to the disclosure of a whole network of pedophile molesters. It is noted that such celebrities as Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey may have visited the Epstein mansion on the islands.

Earlier it was reported that sex slave dealer Jeffrey Epstein forced one of the victims to treat him like a four-year-old and loved dress up games. According to investigative journalist Barry Levine, Epstein forced a young girl to bathe and dress him.

Jeffrey Epstein was charged with creating a criminal network that allowed him to sexually exploit and abuse dozens of girls, including 14-year-olds. According to some reports, he continued to engage in human trafficking until 2019. The American financier was detained on July 6, 2019 in New York. In August of the same year, he took his own life without waiting for the trial.

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