New European sanctions against Lukashenka's regime to come into force today

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 New European sanctions against the Lukashenka regime will come into force today

Who these individuals and enterprises are will become known after the official publication of the decision.

Starting today, December 2, new European sanctions against the Lukashenka regime will come into force. 17 people and 11 Belarusian companies were blacklisted.

This was reported on the air of TSN.Rank .

According to Bloomberg, We are talking about the largest Belarusian carrier “BelAvia”, also “Grodno-Azot” and “Belarus-Neft”, as well as Belarusian border guards and judges.

Another, already the 5th, package of Belarusian EU sanctions introduced after Lukashenka staged a migration crisis on European borders . In Poland, there are at least 10 thousand migrants on the border with the country who want to get to the EU from Belarus. Polish border guards have posted videos of yet another illegal border crossing attempts – over the past day, they have recorded more than a hundred such cases.

Let us remind you that Belarus provoked a migration crisis on its borders with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Illegals from Iraq, Syria and African countries are arriving in Minsk en masse, and the Belarusian border service helps migrants to get to the EU. Passing refugees was the Lukashenka regime's response to Western sanctions. Some experts and European and American officials suggest that the purpose of the artificial migration crisis may be to divert attention from the Russian preparations for a new attack against Ukraine .

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