New “Kadyrovites” brought to Mariupol to intensify repressions – Andryushchenko


New Kadyrovites were brought to Mariupol to intensify repression, – Andryushchenko

In Mariupol, an increase in “filtration” measures by the occupation administration was recorded. To do this, the enemy brought new groups of “Kadyrovites” into the city.

The Ukrainian underground understands all the possible risks and knows what the infidels are planning to do. This Channel 24 was told by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko.

An adviser to the mayor of Mariupol noted that there is a large movement of military equipment in the city towards the Zaporozhye region, therefore, an increase in repressions against the local population is expected in the city.

measures. Our resistance reported that at about eight in the evening two buses of new “Kadyrovtsy” landed in the area of ​​Gurov Park, in the Kalmiussky district of Mariupol. Before that, there were none,” Andryushchenko explained.

According to him, the Ukrainian underground in the city is “no stranger” to such plans of the enemy.

“We are constantly in a state of expectation and understand what and how they are doing. Therefore, we do everything very carefully and protect people first of all . And, in principle, to aggravate something in Mariupol – I don’t know where it’s possible to go further,” the adviser concluded.

The situation in Mariupol today: top news

  • In the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the situation with the basic needs of the citizens is critical. Mariupol residents hope to get at least something that will help them survive, so they storm humanitarian supplies.
  • On August 25, a fire broke out in occupied Mariupol, which spread from the field to the surviving houses. the occupiers were not going to do anything, so people have to fight against the elements on their own.
  • Russians do not give up hope of holding pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories. In particular, active preparation of Russians for this was noticed in Mariupol.
  • According to the GUR, the majority of Mariupol residents are not going to vote during the so-called “referendum”. Most people are angry at the invaders.
  • Vice President of Mariupol Andrey Sanin showed how the occupation of the city affected the football club. The training fields of the Azov team fell into decay.
  • In addition, it became known that the Russians brought their system of corruption to Mariupol, which had been in the temporarily occupied Donetsk for all 8 years. This is the best anti-advertising of Russia in the region for local residents.

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