New language scandal in Odessa: Russian music sounded in the bakery and served in the language of the occupier


New language scandal in Odessa: Russian music sounded in the bakery and served in the language of the occupier

Another language scandal erupted in Odessa. Not only did Russian music sound in the institution, they also refused to serve customers in Ukrainian.

This case became known through social networks. The girl Diana with the nickname siniachenko posted a video on TikTok. In it, she showed how she was refused to be served in Ukrainian at the First Bakery establishment. The video has already been viewed more than 200 thousand times. More about the scandal – on Channel 24.

Because she's more comfortable

It all started with the fact that the girl, when she came to the bakery, heard that Russian music was playing in the institution. She basically started filming it. And, perhaps, nothing would have happened if not for the reaction of the worker. The saleswoman was not only against it, but also stubbornly defended her position in the language of the aggressor.

  • Girl, what are you doing?
  • I shoot that you have Russian music playing.
  • What do we have?
  • You have Russian music playing.
  • You can't take pictures.
  • This is a room, I can shoot here. You play Russian music.
  • Young woman…
  • On what grounds? Why do you play Russian music?
  • You have no right!
  • Why are you talking to me in Russian?
  • What am I? What am I?
  • I do not understand!

The girl stressed that the saleswoman spoke Russian to her. And that, thus, it violates the legislation of Ukraine. To which she received a response: “I speak the language I want.”

At the next mention of the law, the bakery saleswoman noted that she knew all the laws. But it's just more convenient for her to speak Russian. So she does this, although by her actions she exposes herself and the institution to a fine. True, after this dispute, the bakery may still lose regular customers.

Note that the saleswoman decided to finalize her unwillingness to comply with the letter of the law with the phrase that she lives in a free country. And here she is absolutely right. In private conversations, she has the right and opportunity to speak any language. But at the workplace, she must speak Ukrainian.

Soon a video appeared on the network with the same saleswoman. In the video , she apologized for refusing to serve the girl in Ukrainian.

I am a bakery worker. She refused to speak Ukrainian, the state language, with the client. I am sorry. I confess my guilt. It won't happen again, she said.

Unfortunately, such scandals still arise in the information space. We urge you to make comments when the language law is violated. Now it is especially important to stand up for your rights!

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