New lost 2,500-year-old grave found in Egypt

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New lost 2,500-year-old grave found in Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has announced the discovery of 14 sarcophagi at the Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo, dating back 2,500 years. This was announced in a press release on

A new lost grave was discovered during archaeological excavations at the burial site, where 13 more sarcophagi were found in early September. The tree is decorated with hieroglyphs and ornaments with burgundy and blue lines.

Additional excavations are planned, according to ministry officials, and archaeologists expect another cache of wooden sarcophagi to be found at the site.

Earlier it was reported that the graves were found in a burial shaft at a depth of 11 meters. The sealed and well-preserved coffins, which most likely still contain the bodies of the dead, were stacked one above the other. Some of the coffins also retained the remains of the paint on the wood.

The Sakkara necropolis is located about 16 kilometers south of the famous pyramids of Giza. It is part of the ancient city of Memphis. There is also the step pyramid of Djoser. Many ancient tombs in Saqqara have been plundered over the millennia, so the discovery of an intact cache leaves a chance for finding burial utensils and remains that could expand knowledge of ancient Egyptian burial customs.

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