New military units are being created in Ukraine: Naev explained the goal


New military units are being created in Ukraine: Naev explained the goal

Ukraine's Western partners are increasingly inclined to provide Ukraine not only with Soviet-era weapons, but also with modern ones. In particular, discussions are underway today about providing our military with Leopard 2 tanks.

However, this technique requires new skills. This was told by the commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Sergei Naev.

The next phase of the war is about tanks

Moreover, according to Sergei Naev, the next phase of the war will be connected with tanks. And not with Soviet models like the T-72, but with more modern ones like the Leopard 2 and Challenger.

Of course, we need a large number of Western tanks. They are much better than the Soviet models and can help us move forward. We are creating new military units. And our further actions will depend on their combat readiness. Therefore, Western assistance is extremely important, Naev said.

Skills are needed

It is against the backdrop of the expectation of deliveries of modern Western tanks to Ukraine that new military units are being created. After all, units must learn to use this modern technology and integrate it into existing formations.

“The entire unit must be equipped with the same vehicle, so the entire battalion must, for example, be equipped with Bradley, if we get it, or Leopard,” the lieutenant general emphasized.

The main advantages of Leopard tanks/Channel 24 Infographics

Supply of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine: latest news

  • On January 20, a meeting was held in the Ramstein format, where a decision was expected to provide Ukraine with these tanks. However, its participants did not come to a common decision on this matter.
  • After the meeting in the Ramstein format, many Germans protested. They demanded to provide Ukraine with Leopard 2.
  • German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that the partners do not have a unanimous opinion on the provision of Leopard 2. Moreover, according to him, there are supposedly good reasons against their delivery. However, the Minister of Defense also said that he had instructed officials to check the stocks of Leopard 2 tanks in Germany so that the country could “act quickly” in case of a “positive decision”. weapons, allow the creation of a coalition to transfer these tanks to Ukraine without Germany. According to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland will not passively watch Ukraine bleed.

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