New strain of coronavirus “Omicron”: how it is more dangerous than “Delta”

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New strain of coronavirus

New Omicron strain was discovered in Africa.

The Delta Coronavirus strain and the newly discovered Omicron strain have different main risks.

About this during Press conference with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the country's chief physician Chris Vitti, – writes “Voice of America”.

“The Delta strain was mainly promoted by means of its ability to spread rapidly, but it caused less concern the ability to avoid vaccines. In the present, what compels us to act quickly is the theoretical possibility of probable avoidance of vaccines, “said the expert.

Johnson also noted that the new Omicron strain found in Africa is still little is known, but “Omircon seems to be spreading very quickly among those double-vaccinated.”

Two cases of infection with the new strain have been reported in the UK. Following reports of the new strain, some European countries have introduced travel restrictions from countries in the region. The United States has also restricted travel to a number of African countries.

Note that on November 26, the World Health Organization (WHO) qualified a new strain of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, dubbed Omicron, as a concern … This strain of coronavirus was first identified in early November by health authorities in South Africa. The number of cases of detection of this variant in patients with COVID-19 is increasing

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