New strains can be called by the names of constellations. The main thing about the coronavirus on August 8

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  • A total of 6,447,750 cases of infection were recorded, of which 22,866 were new. 787 people died per day, and 164,881 over the entire period.
  • The number of detected cases of coronavirus infection in Russia has been declining for the third week in a row, but the mortality rate has again renewed its maximum since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • The Ministry of Education and Science does not require students to be vaccinated against a new coronavirus infection without fail, including from foreigners.
  • Experts admit an increase in infections with coronavirus infection among children at the beginning of the school year and call for accelerating vaccination of adults to avoid outbreaks.


  • A total of 1,527,200 cases of infection were recorded, of which 2,761 were new (data from the Headquarters of Moscow).


  • In total, more than 202.4 million cases of infection were recorded (data from Johns Hopkins University).
  • The names of the constellations can serve to designate new strains of coronavirus in case the Greek letters are not enough for this, said Maria van Kerkhove, an expert at the World Health Organization.
  • Former US President Donald Trump said he was right about the laboratory origin of the new coronavirus. In addition, he called himself a big fan of vaccines against the new coronavirus.

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