New trend in Japan: parents started sending rice “babies” to relatives

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New trend in Japan: parents started sending rice

A new trend is actively spreading among the inhabitants of Japan: young parents began to send bags of rice to relatives in the form of their newborn children. The weight of the bag corresponds to the weight of the child, and a photo of the baby is placed on the package with rice. Writes about this edition of The Guardian.

The essence of the unusual tradition is that parents take a bag of rice, wrap it in a blanket, paste a photo with a child's face and send such a package to their relatives who live far away. At the same time, the bag weighs like a real newborn.

This way of meeting a new family member was invented by the owner of a rice shop Naruo Ono, who first sent such a package to his family 14 years ago after the birth of his son. After the Japanese decided to popularize the idea among his customers, but it turned out to be done only during the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the coronavirus in Japan, communication and movement of citizens were significantly limited, so parcels with rice “babies” quickly gained popularity. Last year, Naruo Ono displayed a sample of such a package in his shop window and became a local celebrity. In 2021, he expanded his range and began offering bags of rice for weddings: the newlyweds donate rice bags with their baby photos to their parents, expressing their appreciation and respect.

New trend in Japan: parents started sending rice

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