New Windows design declassified

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New Windows design declassified

Microsoft will unveil an updated design for Windows 10 in 2021. This is reported by the edition of Windows Central, citing sources in the company.

According to insiders, Microsoft has planned a global OS update in 2021, which will significantly redesign the visual interface of the system. In particular, the company's engineers and designers intend to redesign the visual appearance of the Start menu, Action and Notification Center, and the built-in Explorer program. In addition to the updated design, the elements of Windows 10 should receive new features.

In declassified correspondence, the project appears under the name Sun Valley. His description states that the goal of the Windows team is to modernize and “revitalize” the Windows desktop to fit modern platforms. The authors of the material emphasize that although the OS from Microsoft has received some visual update, there has been no major redesign for quite a long time.

Judging by the internal documentation, the new version of the OS should take over some of the features of Windows 10X, but with adaptation for computers with one display. The Sun Valley project description mentions improved animation, expanded support for night mode, and a new concept for displaying application windows.

In October, a Windows update was released that changed the appearance of the Start menu and removed the outdated Internet Explorer browser. In the summer, Microsoft officially unveiled a new design of its operating system – with updated animation of graphic tiles, a translucent background for application windows, and automatic switching between day and night modes.

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