New Windows Design Revealed

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New Windows Design Revealed

The updated Windows 10 will receive the visual features of the canceled operating system from Microsoft. This is reported by the Windows Latest edition.

According to sources, Microsoft has begun testing a new interface, which should debut in the massive Sun Valley update. The most notable elements include a redesigned Action Center and rounded corners of the application windows. The new interface is not available by default for third-party developers, but can be activated in beta versions of Windows 10.

According to the disclosed data, a new Action Center will appear in the popular operating system, which is located in the lower right corner of the desktop. It is called on click and can be collapsed by moving the cursor down. A similar option was added in Windows 10X: users were supposed to minimize and maximize the Action Center by swiping their fingers across the laptop's touchscreen.

The Windows 10 beta also added floating system elements. For example, dialog boxes and menus are located not close to the taskbar, but slightly higher.

The public release of a new version of Windows called “Sun Valley” or 21H2 is expected in the fall.

Earlier, sources said that Microsoft decided to abandon the release of the repeatedly delayed Windows 10X. The company believes that the new OS has a lot in common with the classic Windows 10, and the simultaneous presence of identical products in the line will mislead the user.

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