“New Year's gifts” from the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the invaders could have suffered serious losses near Shakhtyorsk


"New Year's gifts" from the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the invaders could have suffered serious losses near Shakhtyorsk

Occupiers could lose up to 100 personnel in the Donetsk region. According to preliminary data, it flew to two places where the invaders were based near Shakhtyorsk.

According to the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, “New Year's gifts” from the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived not only in Makiivka. Although in this city on the northeastern suburbs of Donetsk, approximately more than 500 infidels could have died. markup”>”New Year's gifts” from the Armed Forces of Ukraine were aptly delivered not only to Makiivka. A real holiday should look like this… – said Petr Andryushchenko.

Details about the elimination of enemies were told by the so-called Yulia Andrienko, a propagandist who calls herself a “war correspondent.” According to her:

  • explosions thundered from Friday and Saturday at approximately 2:30 am Kyiv time. Most likely, they are talking about the night from December 30 to December 31;
  • Infidels had “cotton” in two settlements near Shakhtersk: Sadovoe and Davydovka;
  • in the first – the Russian invaders were in former kindergarten. There is only one wall left;
  • in the second – the Russians were in the club. There, too, everything was shattered into pieces.

Eyewitnesses told the propagandist that only 20 people had received in Sadovoye in the morning. Instead, there were approximately 50 people in the former garden and in the club.

That is, it is quite obvious that100 enemies could go to the “Kobzon concert” even before the new year .

Infidels also arrived on New Year's Eve

“On New Year's Eve, there was also an arrival, the house shook again. All the networks are silent,” an eyewitness wrote to the propagandist.

She also complained that this was a tragedy for them. Journalist Denis Kazansky commented on the incident: “All these people died in vain, just like that, in the name of nothing. Not a heroic, but a completely senseless and stupid death – they were simply loaded into a wagon, brought in like cattle, into some building and buried under a pile of rubble.”

Moreover, he noted that the most surprising thing is that in Russia itself, everyone is absolutely indifferent.

: short

  • On January 2, “clap” sounded in the Bryansk region. It is known that there is a hit on the energy object of the enemy. Residents were left without electricity and are stocking up on water in a panic.
  • On January 1, “cotton” also visited the occupiers in the temporarily occupied Makiivka, in the Donetsk region. There, the enemies were based on the territory of vocational school No. 19 along Kremlevskaya Street, 48.
  • According to preliminary data, there were approximately 500 dead. Although some locals write about 600. , neglect of security measures and smoking in an unidentified place” killed about 400 infidels, and another 30 degrees of severity.
  • In addition, on December 31, “cotton” sounded in the temporarily occupied Crimea. In particular, a series of explosions sounded in Dzhankoy. Enemies traditionally wrote about the work of air defense, but telegram channels suggested that the cause of the explosions could be an attack by drones on a Russian military base near the village of Mayskoye.

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