New Zealand to completely phase out tobacco by 2025

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New Zealand to completely phase out tobacco by 2025

New Zealand plans to completely phase out tobacco products by 2025.

According to The Guardian, the government has published a plan to combat smoking, according to which measures to reduce the level of nicotine in tobacco products, as well as a ban on the installation of filters, the introduction of a fixed price for tobacco products and the limitation of the number of specialty stores, are being considered to gradually limit the sale of cigarettes. …

In addition, New Zealand is going to ban the sale of tobacco products to citizens born after 2004.

The Cabinet of Ministers said that about 4.5 thousand New Zealanders die each year from smoking-related diseases, and the cause of one in four deaths from cancer in the country is smoking.

Health organizations in New Zealand have supported the government's initiative. “Tobacco is the most harmful consumer product in history, and we must completely abandon it,” said Lucy Elwood, executive director of the Cancer Society.

However, there are those who criticized the idea, pointing to the bankruptcy of small shops and the expansion of the black market for tobacco. Critics say that the reduction in nicotine in cigarettes will result in consumers buying more tobacco products and spending more money on it. Some people in the country called this idea an invasion of privacy.

We will remind, earlier in Hawaii considered a bill providing for a gradual increase in the age of sale of cigarettes to 100 years by 2024.

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