Next-gen NVIDIA graphics to be installed on Nintendo console

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Next-gen NVIDIA graphics to be installed on Nintendo console

Recently it became known that the next generation NVIDIA video cards will be built on the Lovelace architecture, built on a 5nm process technology. Now insiders have reported that the same GPU will be installed even in the future Nintendo Switch.

According to blogger Tom from YouTube channel Moore's Law is Dead, Lovelace architecture will be found not only in desktop solutions and laptops, but even in the future Nintendo Switch and self-driving cars. Previously, there were rumors of a Super Switch, Switch 2, or even Switch Pro, which will be more powerful than the current one. Therefore, there is a chance that GPU Lovelace will be installed in it.

If Nintendo does have plans to use the Lovelace in its upcoming Switch successor, we probably won't see this device until late 2022.

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