Next stop “Tsaritsino”: Why are there so many mistakes in the names of stations in the metro station

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Next stop

– Here's to you, grandmother, and St. George's Day! They have arrived, as they say. For that fought for it and ran. But we are going to fly to Mars. We are developing the petrochemical industry. We build nuclear power plants. And we can't write Borovitskaya correctly. So much for the exam. The next generation in all its glory. They don't read books, they don't go to theaters. Indifference, infantilism. Something else is being driven to the Soviet Union. Yes, we had the best education in the world. Any poor student could prove Fermat's theorem with us.

Next stop

This is how social media users grumble when they come across strange photographs.

Namely. The new metro cars have touch screens especially for those who have recently arrived in Moscow and are confused about the metropolitan subway. The screen allows you to select the destination with your finger and get the correct route plan. In order not to go from Prospekt Mira to Belorusskaya through Novokuznetskaya.

Yes, that's bad luck. Some station names are misspelled. As if in the metro they decided to save money and instead of the studio of Artemy Lebedev they hired two guest workers who did not study well at school and speak only the “Albany”, “Padonkaff” language. And then just barely.

Next stop

Judge for yourself.

Station “Tsaritsino”. “Red Builder”. Konkovo. Kulturi Park.

Philologists can be tortured with this.

However, the explanation for such illiteracy turned out to be very simple. The fact is that all these interactive displays (officially called “touch screens”) have the ability to translate into nine languages. Among them are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Kazakh, Uzbek and – attention! – Tajik. It was because of the latter that all this hype arose. Well, they do not have the letter “t”. Here is the device and issues “TsSKA”, “Ulitsa 1905” and so on. The same fable with the letters “u”, “s” and “b”. Say more thanks for the letters “e”, “ё”, “yu”, “I”. Although they at one time wanted to be removed from the Tajik language.

Recall that in the 1930s the republic switched to the Latin alphabet, and after 1940 it began to use the Cyrillic alphabet.

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