Nicole Kidman reacted sharply when asked about Tom Cruise


Hollywood actress Kidman scolds journalist for “sexist” question about Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman reacted sharply when asked about Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman. Photo: Global Look Press

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman reacted sharply to the journalist's question about marriage to Tom Cruise in an interview with The Guardian.

The actress talked about her role in the film by Aaron Sorkin “Being Ricardo” and reflected on the relationship: “Sometimes you fall in love with someone with whom you will not spend the rest of your life, you can even give birth to children.” The journalist clarified whether Kidman was hinting at a relationship with Cruz, and she scolded her.

“Oh, God, no. Of course not. No, it was so long ago, of course, that's not what I mean. I would ask you not to put such labels on me. The question seems almost sexist to me, because I don't think anyone would say that to a man, ”she said.

Kidman and Cruise got married in 1990 and lived together until 2001. Their children, Isabella and Connor, are 28 and 26 years old.

Earlier, Kidman revealed details about her marriage and divorce from Cruise. She admitted that in their marriage, she was often wary and sometimes hurt. According to the actress, she prefers a warm, rather than a “prickly” approach to relationships.

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