Night attack by “Shahids”: 15 kamikaze drones were destroyed over the Kiev region


Night attack by martyrs: 15 kamikaze drones destroyed over Kiev region

Russian invaders released 15 kamikaze drones in Kyiv on the night of January 26. The air defense forces once again showed their excellent work.

This was announced by the head of the KMVA Sergey Popko. According to him, our defenders managed to destroy all Shahids flying to the capital.

15 enemy drones were shot down over the Kyiv region

Kyiv was subjected to a new Russian air attack. The occupiers attacked the capital with several dozen Shahids.

About 15 enemy UAVs were shot down in the airspace. Previously, without casualties and hits on infrastructure facilities. Thanks to our air defense forces for another great job! – Popko noted.

There is a threat of enemy strikes

The head of the KMVA stressed that during January 27 there is a high probability of new enemy air attacks. Therefore, do not lose your vigilance.

“When declaring an air raid alert, go to shelters. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!” Popko added.

Occupiers attacked Ukraine with Shahids at night

On the night of January 26, Russian invaders resumed attacks on Ukraine with kamikaze drones. Attack UAVs were launched from the eastern coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.

According to preliminary data, the occupiers used 24 Shahids. However, they were all destroyed by anti-aircraft missile units, fighter aircraft, mobile fire groups of the Air forces, as well as air defense.

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