Night attack by “Shahids” in Kyiv: the KGVA clarified the number of destroyed hostile targets


Night attack by

The Russians launched a massive attack with kamikaze drones. The KGVA told how many Iranian “Shaheeds” sent to Kyiv were discovered and destroyed.

The invaders continue to terrorize the civilian population of Ukraine. On the night of March 28, the Russian military attacked Kyiv with kamikaze drones. Read on to find out how many Shaheeds have discovered and destroyed our air defense forces.

Kyiv withstood another enemy attack

This was stated by the head of the KGVA Sergei Popko. He noted that this night the Russians once again launched the Shahid UAV in the direction of the capital.

According to preliminary information, about ten such targets were detected and destroyed by our air defense forces in the airspace around Kiev. As a result of the fall of the UAV fragments in the Svyatoshinsky district, a fire broke out in a non-residential building. The fire has been extinguished. According to updated data, there were no casualties,” he noted.

Sergei Popko noted that Kyiv managed to survive another attack by drones. He also added that he does not get tired of thanking the air defense soldiers.

Note that late in the evening on March 27, explosions were heard in the capital. Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed this. He noted that they had previously occurred in the Obolonsky and Svyatoshinsky districts of Kyiv. And that as of 23:49 all the necessary services went there.

Air defense forces destroyed 12 Shahids

  • The Air Force spoke about a night attack by kamikaze drones and guided aerial bombs. According to the ministry, the enemy fired Shahids from the northern and southeastern directions.
  • As for the Su-35, it took off from the Morozovsk airfield in the Rostov region. Two guided aerial bombs were fired from it in the Kherson region.
  • In general, the invaders used 13 Shahid kamikaze drones for the attack. In addition, one Granat-4 reconnaissance UAV was used.
  • Air defense forces managed to destroy 13 air targets that night. We are talking about 12 Shahid UAVs, as well as one Granat-4 reconnaissance drone. Consequently, one Iranian “moped” hit.

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