Nikolaev fired from the “Hurricane”, the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted 5 air strikes on the enemies: the main thing about the battles in the South


Nikolaev was fired from the Hurricane, the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted 5 air strikes on the enemies: the main thing about the battles in the South

It was consistently difficult in the South on June 27/Collage 24 channel< p _ngcontent-sc88="" class="news-annotation">Russian invaders again attacked Nikolaev with cluster munitions. Our helicopters attacked the enemy personnel and equipment.

The corresponding information was reported by the operational command “South”. They explained that on June 27, the enemies continued to strengthen the line of defense.

The Russians again attacked civilians in the South

Nikolaev was again fired upon by the Uragan multiple launch rocket system cluster munitions. Private farmsteads and houses, a car were hit, the command said.

Added that cluster munitions were scattered near a public transport stop. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

In addition, the enemies continued to carry out:

  • engineering fortifications of defense lines;
  • rocket and artillery shelling, as well as air strikes on our positions and civilian settlements.

Paired and single enemy helicopters tried to win back the lost position in the area of ​​Potemkino, Plotnitsky and Luparev in the Kherson region, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not yield.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the enemy in the sky

Our attack aircraft and multi-purpose helicopters delivered 5 air strikes on the accumulation of enemy personnel and its equipment in:

  • Snegirevsky;
  • Krivorozhsky;
  • Berislavsky districts.

Their results are being investigated. In addition, it is known that in the South during June 27 the enemy lost:

  • 18 Russian infidels;
  • T-72 tank;
  • self-propelled howitzer “Acacia”;
  • automotive equipment;
  • field ammunition depot in Kherson region.

Infidels continue to hold their forces in the Black Sea

In the Black Sea, without changes in the ship grouping of the enemy fleet – 2 missile carriers of 8 missiles each continue to threaten the entire territory of Ukraine under the threat of combat use, – told OK Yug.

There they also reminded people when the storm subsides, the mine danger near the coast increases.

That is why in the Odessa region it is forbidden to stay small boats in the Tiligulsky, Maly Adzhalitsky and Budatsky estuaries, on the lakes Sasyk, Shagany, Alibey, Burnas.

The stay of boats was allowed to business entities on the basis of a special permit and only during daylight hours.

The situation in the South: latest news

  • On June 27, the American Institute for the Study of War reported that infidels South increased the intensity of shelling by 150%. With their attacks, they almost destroyed the settlements near Davydov Brod and the Ingulets River.
  • In addition, the enemies do not want the Armed Forces of Ukraine to regroup on the southern front line.
  • It is worth remembering that in Operational command “South” was told that our servicemen there during June 26 destroyed two enemy ammunition, a T-72 tank, 4 units of other armored and 3 vehicles, as well as 39 units of personnel.
  • 26 June Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Rostislav Smirnov said that soon there will be a lot of good news from the South of Ukraine. In particular, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine are going on a counteroffensive, the invaders are digging trenches and preparing for defense. Moreover, the situation for Russia will only get worse in the future.

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