Nikolaev was subjected to heavy shelling twice in a night: houses and water pipes were damaged


Nikolaev was subjected to heavy shelling twice during the night: houses and water pipes were damaged

Russian invaders do not stop attacking Mykolaiv. On the night of September 27, another shelling took place in the city.

The mayor Alexander Senkevich reported on the shelling. According to him, Mykolaiv was heavily attacked twice during the night.

There were hits in different parts of the city. So far, it is known about damage to a number of civilian objects, in particular residential buildings and shops, as well as the water supply network,” he said.

In social networks, the first explosion was reported at 01:11. The second one became known at about 04:08.

The Mayor urged everyone to be as careful as possible and not publish arrival addresses on social networks.

Russian rocket destroyed the airport in Krivoy Rog

  • On the evening of September 26, the Russians attacked the airport in Krivoy Rog. The Dnepropetrovsk OVA reported that its infrastructure had been destroyed. The invaders launched an X-59 missile at the airport.
  • Further use of the airfield and equipment is impossible. People were not injured during the strike.
  • Also, the Russians on the night of September 26 covered the Nikopol region with multiple rocket launchers and heavy artillery. The occupiers struck 9 times on 4 communities: Nikopol, Marganets, Krasnogrigorevskaya and Mirovskaya. About 130 Russian shells flew into the cities and villages of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

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