NMT 2022 – how to pass a mock test: mathematics, Ukrainian language, history of Ukraine


NMT 2022 – how to pass a practice test: mathematics, Ukrainian language, history of Ukraine

NMT 2022 – how to pass a practice test/UTSOKO

In 2022, due to the Russian invasion, the Ministry of Education decided not to conduct a full-fledged EIT, instead there will be a multi-subject test or NMT-2022. Enlightenment officials claim that it will not be difficult and offer to make sure of this.


You will have to compose NMT-2022 online, and for unprepared teenagers this can be an additional stress factor. To overcome it, a special demonstration version of the multi-subject test was developed in a special online environment of the Lviv Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

Why is a trial test needed

The authors of the demo NMT note that the interface of the proposed tester differs from what will be on the real NMT, however, in terms of structure, types of tasks, and the duration of their execution, the demo version is similar to the entrance test.

>this link.

Thus, getting acquainted with the “probe” and passing it should adapt applicants to the NMT-2022 itself, eliminate the factor of surprise and unnecessary stress, so as not to waste too much time getting acquainted with the “mechanics” and think only about questions.

Also “tester” will be useful for time management. You can choose the sequence of tasks and return to one or another task, change the answer option, and after completing the test, get the test results for each block of NMT tasks. It will also be interesting for parents of applicants to take a demonstration test in order to check their level, remember everything and understand exactly how the test awaits their children.

Structure of the NMT

The demo test will have the same 60 questions and 120 minutes (2 hours!) to answer them.< /p>

Like NMT-2022, its test prototype will consist of three blocks:

  • Ukrainian language (task 1 – 20);
  • mathematics (tasks 21 – 40);
  • history of Ukraine (tasks 41 – 60).

Each block – 20 questions, the last 5 (in mathematics 6) – of which – as they say, with an asterisk – they are more complex and creative, but more points are given for them. In questions 1 to 15 (14) of each block, there is only one option – this is also a big plus, because it guarantees that everything will be unambiguous in the options and there will be no need to be torn over two similar options.

The maximum for the Ukrainian language and the history of Ukraine – 35 points each, mathematics – 30 points. The total maximum is 100 points.

Nothing complicated

Analysis of the demonstration test HMT-2022, conducted by Channel 24, says that there is nothing complicated there, there is no need to rush. you need to carefully read the questions.

Let's look at a specific question. Let's take the history block – question #49.

НМТ 2022 – how to pass a practice test: mathematics, Ukrainian language, history of Ukraine

At first glance, it is not easy, because it appeals to the name of the writer Heinrich Mann, whose works were not read, perhaps, not only by applicants, but also by the compilers of the test themselves and one hundred percent officials of the Ministry of Education. And certainly none of them will distinguish Heinrich and Thomas Mann in the photo, especially when in their younger years both wore magnificent mustaches.

However, this is not at all important, because the essence of the question is the analysis of a completely adequate quote about the sudden friendship of Stalin and Hitler for contemporaries – that is, Heinrich Mann, although you don’t know him, gives out a “base”. Voila, the correct answer is “B” and you get one point.

Or question #59.

NMT 2022 – how to pass the mock test: mathematics, Ukrainian, history of Ukraine

It seems complicated, because it requires an understanding of different periods of the history of Ukraine in the 20th century, but this was all studied at school. In fact, each word of the options should be some kind of anchor. Therefore, you just need to remember and structure logically.

The main thing is not to miscalculate the desired letter (you will have time to check). Yes, it will take longer to answer a question like this, but 4 points is not lying on the road.

Those questions that seem difficult are actually big ones, they will not be a problem for those who have studied the subject, as well as for those who calmly break down a large task into smaller parts. Actually, this is what a trial NMT is for.

Again – there is no need to rush, 2 hours is enough time to go through and answer all 60 questions.

For those who I didn’t understand anything or got even more confused, the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Evaluation (UTSOKO) prepared a special training video, which should finally remove all questions.

Online tester: how to use, what to remember about the participant – watch the video:

How to pass the trial NMT-2022: tips from UTSOKO:

  • Before starting, you need to answer 4 questions about yourself, these answers will help to collect important statistical information.
  • During the real test, everyone will have the opportunity to use a legal cheat sheet – reference materials for mathematics, you can use it now, and absolutely for sure – download and explore personally what is there and what is not.
  • Real NMT-2022 you will take place in schools or universities centrally, demonstration – at home or elsewhere. If you have a slow Internet connection or it is not possible to work for 2 hours at a computer, download the file with the NMT demo, complete the task and check your answers with the correct ones.

NMT-2022 testing will take place at three sessions: Main (it has already started): July 18 – August 10; Additional: August 16-20; Special: September 12 – 16.

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