No day without rain: which areas will be flooded with showers until the end of September



September was very wet for residents of the western regions. Until the end of the month, the situation will not improve – weather forecasters promise rain every day.

What will the weather be like in Western Ukraine

The only day when it's dry in the West, it's September 25th. After that, the rain will fall every day.

The air temperature will average +15…+18 degrees. Downpours are expected day and night. On September 28 the wind will increase. Its speed will be 7 – 12 meters per second.

At the same time, the Gismeteo resource predicts colder weather. In particular, in Lviv on September 26-28 the temperature can drop to +7…+11 degrees. However, on the last day of the month, warming will come – +20 degrees. At the same time, the rain will not go anywhere.

What kind of weather is promised in other regions before the end of the month

Residents of the East and South of Ukraine were more fortunate with the weather. There will not be such a long rainy period. In Kherson and Crimea, weather forecasters generally predict heat, the thermometers will show +30 degrees there.

The weather in these areas will be warm and sunny. The air temperature will not fall below +22 degrees. In some places, rain is also possible, but not heavy.

Pay attention! People's weather forecaster Volodymyr Derkach said that in early October Ukraine will have warm weather. Only rain can spoil it. Toward the middle of the month, the Indian summer will finally come, and after it, a cold snap will come.

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