No jeans, makeup and Botox: tough bans for women introduced in Turkmenistan


No jeans, make-up and Botox: Turkmenistan introduced strict bans for women

Turkmenistan introduced strict bans for women/Collage 24 channel

After a new president was elected in Turkmenistan, strict rules were introduced in the country. They concern women and their way of life.

For violation of regulations that violate human rights, women face fines and even arrest. The amount of such a fine is $140, which is half of a month's salary in Turkmenistan.

What women are banned in Turkmenistan

  • Make-up and manicure;
  • grow nails or eyelashes;
  • dye your hair, even at home;
  • make a tattoo;
  • inject Botox;
  • ride in a taxi. Women will be allowed to be in the car only with male relatives, and only in the back seat. At the same time, after 8 p.m., women should not be in the car at all;
  • wear crimped clothes and even white wedding dresses. All that is possible is wide long dresses or trousers with embroidery.

Moreover, women should get rid of the results of cosmetic procedures. For example, enlarged lips or breasts. At the same time, cosmetologists were left without work in the country, because they face a fine for it.

Please note that these rules apply not only to citizens of Turkmenistan, but also to tourists.

The bans are not official

Such rules are unofficial. Similar prohibitions existed before, but not everyone observed them. Despite this, there are now more cases of so-called “beauty patrols”. These are the police officers who control how women look on the streets.

Journalists say that the country is increasingly detaining women or issuing them fines. The security forces stop not only Turkmen women, but women of other nationalities.

Pay attention! According to media reports, the authorities of Turkmenistan want to ban women from traveling abroad.

The main thing about the presidential elections in Turkmenistan

In March, it became known that the son of the previous head of state, Serdar Berdimuhamedov, was elected president of the country. Opposition media reported that the voting was held with a large number of violations.

By the way, only 3 presidents have changed in Turkmenistan since 1990.

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