No more passing through Rynok Square: “pass” for Sofranyuk expired 2 years ago


Pass Rynok Square no more: Sofranjuk's

On Sunday, January 22, the head of the patrol police department of the Lviv region, Roman Pylypenko, got into a scandal. He gave his girlfriend a “pass” for passage to Rynok Square.

Lviv residents expressed outrage, because the pass allegedly gives permission to travel to the pedestrian zone of Rynok Square. Although in fact only street residents and cars unloading and loading goods can pass there.

The pass has long since expired

As it turned out later , the city council of Lviv did not actually issue a pass to an employee of the Lviv Regional Council, Vasylissa Sofranyuk, to enter the pedestrian zone of Rynok Square.

The head of the LKP “Ratusha-Service” Irina Tycholiz at a briefing said that the pass received by the beloved leader of the patrol police, has expired two years ago.

Tycholiz clarified that new passes are in effect from 2021, so one way or another, Sofranyuk will not be able to ride his Mercedes in the center of Lviv. Moreover, the head of the “Ratusha-Service” noted that an internal investigation is ongoing at the mayor's office.

To assure journalists, the official showed smaller passes and other colors. According to her, now only such passes are valid: blue for residents, yellow for business, and brown for official cars.

A scandalous gift for Vasilisa Sofranyuk: watch the video

What is known about the heroine of the video

The girl who received Illegal pass for passage through Rynok Square, was very happy and she herself posted a video with the presentation of this present on her Instagram. She said she “loves to hang out” and would love to drive through the pedestrian area of ​​the historic Square in her Mercedes. According to her, “this is the best gift.”

Later it turned out that the beloved head of the patrol police of the Lviv region – Vasilisa Sofranyuk (Fedyuk) – is an assistant to the deputy of the Lviv Regional Council from the “EU” faction Andriy Duma.

The girl also works as the chief specialist of the department of humanitarian policy and international cooperation in the office of the Lviv Regional Council.

It is interesting that after the scandal, neither Vasilisa Sofranyuk nor Roman Pilipenko comment on the situation. They do not answer calls from journalists and have closed pages on social networks.

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