No residual confirmation: White House on Putin's statement on Geneva talks

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 No residual confirmation: White House on Putin's statement on the Geneva talks

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said at a December 23 briefing that the White House was not ready to confirm information that the talks The United States and the Russian Federation on security will be held in Geneva in January 2022.

– There is no final agreement on the location and time … We said that we expect negotiations in early January, but we have not finalized all the details, ”Psaki clarified.

By According to her, the place and timing of the negotiations is still being specified, but this date is indeed under discussion – the beginning of January.

“We also believe that this is the best way forward,” said Jen Psaki.

She clarified that the US administration is working to ensure that diplomatic negotiations are held.

Earlier, the statement that Russia-US talks on security in Europe will be held in Geneva at the beginning of next year, Russian President Vladimir Putin made at his press conference. He also argued that representatives for negotiations on both sides have already been appointed.

Prior to this, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg proposed to convene a Council between the Russian Federation and the Alliance in early 2022.

The purpose of the initiative is discussion of the security proposals set forth in the draft treaties of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Stoltenberg clarified that it is now important to find a way to reduce tensions on the Ukrainian-Russian border and avoid any further escalation of the situation.

At the same time he warned Moscow that NATO would not compromise on its right to defend all allies, nor on Ukraine's right to choose its own path.

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