No sign of greatness: Putin has turned Russia into an exile state – NYT


No sign of greatness: Putin turned Russia into an exile state - NYT

Western analysts note that by trying to destroy our state, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin only rallied the Ukrainian nation in the fight against the invaders . At the same time, he isolated his own country from the outside world, making it a pariah.

It is known that by the anniversary of the start of a full-scale invasion, the European Union will prepare a 10th package of sanctions. Actually, this is the result of the actions of the Russian president himself, who hoped to “take Kyiv in three days”, but now he is paying for his mistakes.

Putin's actions will lead to decades of Russia's decline

The New York Times rhetorically asked whether any of Putin's pseudo-historical lectures on “friendship of peoples” can justify the death and destruction caused by the “second army of the world.”

It should be said that journalists immediately found a solution to this “ethical dilemma” and stated that the citizens of Russia should be aware that nothing invented by Putin can justify the shelling and destruction of cities, murders, rapes, robberies and attacks on energy infrastructure.

Like the last big European war (World War II – Channel 24), this war is one man's madness, the journalists noted, referring to Putin.

In addition, The NYT emphasized that the large-scale war rallied the Ukrainians, helped them build their own identity and made our state a real threat to the Kremlin regime. At the same time, the West, divided until February 24, really consolidated its efforts in order to provide general resistance to Russian aggression.

Actually, the conclusion from this is that, speaking about the “greatness” of Russia, Putin has turned his state into a pariah – or an exile. The Kremlin leader, of course, claims that Russia has everything it needs to ensure that war and sanctions have no effect. However, according to a report from the Carnegie Endowment think tank, this terrorist state – named Russia – faces decades of economic stagnation and regression, even if the war ends soon.

Why Russia is in decline

Analysts claim that Russia will face a sad future due to a number of factors, among them:

  • a reduction in industrial and military production, due to its dependence on high-tech goods from the West;
  • closure of Western companies in Russia and reduction of trade with the West;
  • depletion of the budget by the war;
  • closure of flights to Russia;
  • departure of a large number of citizens from -for a full-scale war and mobilization.

To this topic, it should be recalled that not so long ago, The New York Times wrote that the White House is beginning to recognize the need to provide our state with powerful weapons . Actually, the Armed Forces of Ukraine need long-range missiles to attack military facilities in the territory of the occupied Crimea – and Biden already understands this.

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