No South African strain of coronavirus detected in Russia

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No South African strain of coronavirus detected in Russia

No cases of the South African strain of coronavirus have been identified in Russia. The “Vector” center informs about it.

– Viruses belonging to the genetic line C.1.2 were first detected in South Africa in May 2021 and from May to August were detected in all provinces of South Africa, with a frequency of up to approximately 2% of the total number of analyzed genomes, experts recalled.

Scientists have repeatedly said that the South African variant is able to evade the immune response. Despite this, vaccines still provide a high level of protection.

Vektor also noted that the spread of the South African variant of COVID-19 in Russia is unlikely due to the dominance of the “delta” strain.

Earlier, Russian scientists proved that Sputnik-V protects against the severe form of the Delta strain. They found that the drug reduced the risk of hospitalization by 81% and blocked serious lung damage in 76% of cases.

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