North Korea has no money – Feigin on Russia's “cooperation” with North Korea


North Korea has no money, - Feigin on Russia's

Is Russia's “cooperation” with North Korea possible/Channel 24 collage

The Atlantic Council reported that Moscow may now threaten to export advanced missile technology to North Korea in order to bargain with the West to ease sanctions. Therefore, two questions arise – can Russia really transfer something, and Korea can help.


And all this against the background of the fact that North Korea is preparing the seventh nuclear test, so the United States of America will strengthen its military presence in the Pacific region. Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin on Channel 24 said whether “cooperation” between Russia and North Korea is possible.

According to him, Russia can really give something to the DPRK. This applies to nuclear technologies, advanced missiles and launch vehicles, since Korea has even worse quality.

These are outdated, but quite working technologies that are in Russia. So theoretically they can transfer something, but there is one problem.

It is that cooperation with North Korea is useless. North Korea has no money. All this must be done at your own expense or through another blackmail,” Feigin explained.

This is the only thing that knows how to use Moscow well – blackmail. However, it is useless for Russia to deal with the DPRK, since they will not get much. It is not profitable for them.

“100,000 soldiers from the DPRK”

Propaganda media reports that North Korea has offered to send 100,000 of its soldiers to support Russia's invasion of Ukraine. However, experts do not believe this.

Mark Feigin assures that it is difficult to imagine the North Koreans who will go to the east or Kherson. In his opinion, this is more of a propaganda trick, a kind of game of Korea itself.

“It reminds me of an attempt to blackmail. If they are given something, then this situation will dissipate,” – he replied.

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