North Korea mines border with China to fight coronavirus

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North Korea mines border with China to fight coronavirus

North Korea has taken extreme measures to combat the coronavirus. This was reported by the Yonghap agency.

South Korean intelligence claims that its neighbors have mined the border with China. It is noted that Pyongyang does not have the technical or physical means to combat the spread of COVID-19, which could lead to disastrous consequences. If the virus spreads across the country, at least 500,000 people could die.

In addition, the DPRK authorities stopped accepting supplies from other countries, including South Korea, due to fear of “importing” the coronavirus. Officials who allowed goods to cross the border in August were punished. Pyongyang also promised to punish those officials who cannot cope with the spread of COVID-19 – they face the death penalty.

On July 26, the North Korean authorities announced the first case of suspected coronavirus in the country: a person who was suspected of being infected had illegally arrived in the country from South Korea and was in Kaesong. The patient was placed in strict quarantine.

A month earlier, on June 22, a new wave of coronavirus was reported in Seoul. It was noted that the pandemic in the country could last for several more months.

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