North Korea refuses to supply weapons to the Russians


North Korea denies supplying arms to Russians

North Korea has said it has never sold weapons to Russia. The country's authorities allegedly do not plan to do so in the future.

Earlier, US officials said that Russia could purchase missiles and artillery shells from North Korea. Such steps suggest that Western sanctions hinder the efforts of the aggressor country in the war in Ukraine.

DPRK refuses to supply weapons to the Russians

Unidentified Defense Ministry official North Korea claims that their country has never exported weapons or ammunition to Russia before, and they have no plans to export them.

He also accused the US and other “enemy forces” of spreading rumors to “persecute their lowly political and military purposes.

Recall that Oleg Katkov, editor-in-chief of Defense Express, said that the occupiers are experiencing a certain shortage of ammunition. Therefore, Russia is trying to buy it from the countries of East Asia, in particular the DPRK.

Yes, there is a confirmed video of how our soldiers found Chinese-made mines in the abandoned positions of the invaders. The invaders could buy ammunition through third countries, for example, countries in Africa or North Korea.

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